Guttercrest’s Aluminium Fascias and Soffits are Chosen for ‘Exemplar Sustainable Design’

Guttercrest’s range of aluminium rainwater goods and eaves solutions are incorporated into sustainable building projects on a more and more regular basis. With a long-lifespan, recyclable nature and superior aesthetic for both traditional and contemporary buildings, aluminium offers a notable option for environmentally aware building designers.

A Gateway to Colchester

Cuckoo Farm – Northern Gateway is a development on the outskirts of Colchester with a design vision to create a distinctive development which contributes to the identity and role of North Colchester whilst improving the sense of arrival to the town.

A park and ride facility has been incorporated into the development to provide a direct connection to the town centre and to offer a cost effective alternative to single car users, aiming to reduce road congestion at peak travel times.

A Sustainable Design Focus

An emphasis on sustainability has been placed on the project with a focus on encouraging a more sustainable travel culture by creating an attractive park and ride facility. This has been achieved, in part, with the construction of a terminus building with sustainability at the heart of its design.

Essex County Council explained “the terminus building will aspire to exemplar sustainable design principles incorporating renewable energy systems and sustainably sourced construction materials”.

Along with a ‘green’ sedum roof and a timber frontage clad in wood from FSC managed forests, they have incorporated Guttercrest aluminium gutters, fascias and soffits as part of their sustainable design. 

Eco-Friendly Aluminium Eaves System from Guttercrest

The Cuckoo Farm Park and Ride project used Guttercrest’s Aluminium Fascia . Guttercrest manufactured a large Bullnose Fascia soffit system, providing the eaves of the building with a clean yet imposing feature. The Fascia’s are complimented by a bespoke capping with a ridged top (Image 2) curved in elevation, to clad the wooden support joists.  These products offered the perfect solution for a contemporary and minimalist finish due to their smooth, uncluttered profile.

All of which were expertly installed by John Nason Limited.

Guttercrest’s eaves products are manufactured from responsibly sourced aluminium, with over 90% of the aluminium used in production being recycled. Completed with a polyester powder coated finish and, combined with the natural corrosion resistance of aluminium, Guttercrest’s eaves products are extremely durable, reducing maintenance costs and expanding the lifetime to up to 25 years.

Ben Power, for Guttercrest, told us “aluminium offers the most cost-effective option when sustainability and design need to come together to create exceptional buildings.

“Its sustainable core and flexibility of production means aluminium can be easily manufactured to satisfy a wide range of designs, allowing sustainability, functionality and form to be considered equally and without compromise in projects such as the Colchester Park and Ride terminus building”, explaining why aluminium is a firm favourite for environmentally conscious building designers and why aluminium’s popularity as a sustainable building material is likely to continue well into the future.

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