Choosing the right black for your aluminium gutters and downpipes.

Black is the traditional colour choice for aluminium gutters and downpipes, offering a stylish and unobtrusive option that complements a range of building styles.

But there are further decisions to be made when considering black as the colour of choice for your gutters as, at Guttercrest, we offer three main finish options for our black guttering and downpipes.

All our aluminium rainwater goods and eaves products are coloured using polyester powder coating (PPC), meaning they are all available colour matched to each other and in a wide array of RAL and BS colours and finishes.

Standard Matt Black: RAL 9005 (30% gloss)

Our most popular choice for black aluminium guttering and downpipes is RAL 9005 at our standard gloss level of 30% which produces a stylish matt finish.

This lower gloss level produces a crisp, even finish that hides small undulations on the surface of the material, helping it to look fresh for longer as it also helps to disguise small amounts of standard wear and tear.

Heritage Black

A popular choice for traditional buildings, Heritage Black produces a textured finish that accurately replicates the appearance of traditional cast-iron. Cast-iron can be expensive to replace like-for-like and heritage finished aluminium gutters and downpipes are often used on grade II listed buildings and renovation projects as a cost-effective alternative.


Gloss Black: RAL 9005 (90% gloss)

Less common is a high gloss black finish that can be used on our gutters and downpipes. A more traditional choice it offers a smart, shining finish but it is more susceptible to dulling, especailly in harsher weather environments, and is less able to disguise defects and wear and tear. This means a little extra maintenance will potentially be required to retain the high gloss sheen.